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Hello, welcome onboard!

OnBoarding studio is a service that helps you to create step by step guides to help users on your website.

Create a project

A project contains a subset of scenarios available on your(s) web site. You can define stuff like, the URL where to deploy the scenarios, the default user interface language, the theme, etc.

Create scenarios

A scenario contains a set of steps to guide users to accomplish actions or to help them on how to use specific features.
Example : "How to contact us?", or "How to make an order?"

Create steps

The steps describes the action the user has to make to go to the next step. Every step can be linked to an object in a web page. The content displayed can be raw text, HTML content, but could also interact with your interface through javascript.

Embed code

A few lines of javascript code is enough to display the OnBoarding studio browser on your web site.

Publish your project

Publish your scenarios when they are ready to make them available.

Happy users!

Thanks to OnBoarding studio your users will never be lost.